Advanced Gaming Glasses With Headset Compatibility And Amber Lens Tint

If you’re also asking this question to yourself, let me shed some light on this topic for you! We kept style in mind when using the wayfarer style frame, that being said, our glasses still effectively block out eye-irritating blue light from any screen or monitor. One applicant had an Instagram profile that posted gaming memes and had over 140,000 followers. Duco Optiks claims that you can bend these glasses a full 90 degrees without having them break or even leaving stress marks. But with so many pairs of glasses out there, you might be wondering which are the best for you and I am here to share exactly that: the best gaming glasses of 2017 (but I am also sure that they are great for the years to come as well). The mic isn’t very good, but you can use it for making calls or even for gaming. Gunnar Optics Intercept gaming glasses have become the favorite accessory for many gamers.

No, they are plain lenses although there is a minute amount of magnification according to Gunnar. The last thing you want is to get a pair of gaming glasses that turn you into a laughing stock. After a few responses to my emails and some correspondence, I got 4 people on board to help promote my glasses. When given the choice between marketing to people working on spreadsheets in a cubicle and marketing to gamers, Gunnar Optiks went full-bore for the latter. I began to compare all of the glasses I liked based on their material, minimum order quantities, and price.

After one solid week of wearing a pair of the GUNNAR Optiks Intercept model , I can assert that these glasses not only work, but they may have saved my job. While I was careful with the other pairs because they were so light, I babied the Phenom because I Glassysunhaters didn’t want to scratch glasses way more expensive than the pairs I wear to correct my vision. Made by one of the best selling brands of computer glasses on Amazon, the pair is cheap and does a decent job at protecting your eyes from harmful blue light.

The Onyx glasses win again as I found myself looking over the Gamer’s Edge pair even though the PC monitor is on the same level as my eyes. The prescription ones are quite good if you need them, they are the same thing as Reading glasses but are optimized for usual distance to the screen that are a bit different from reading a book. It has been proven time and again that those who wear these protective glasses are able to concentrate much better. The DESMO isn’t the first pair of glasses like this that SteelSeries has released.

Personally, we love the Gunnar Phenoms Sometimes it pays to get the best pair of glasses money can buy. Today, NoScope announced two new models, including the Golem line, which features a design that fits over prescription glasses, allowing gamers who require a prescription to play to still receive the benefits of specialized eyewear. We’ve seen the most success from simple word of mouth on our social channels and through cross promotion with our growing roster of partner companies in the industries we work in. But the occasional celebrity shout out or major Marvel movie appearance never hurts. However, to add to the value of the Premium Rx lenses, Gunnar also adds Pure Coat anti-reflective coating. By cutting down on blue light, the glasses protect from eye strain and reduce eye fatigue.

Indeed, countless studies have linked blue light with things like blue light-induced apoptosis in rat retina , sleep disturbances , suppression of melatonin secretion , and even negative effects on cognition It probably goes without saying that you should always choose gaming glasses with a tint over glasses without it. Colorless glasses are meant for people who do color-sensitive work, not for gamers.